DC Photowalk Cinemagraphs

I participated in the 4th Annual World Wide photowalk in DC on Saturday. I decided to think in a 16×9 movie mind set for this walk. So I composed all my shots in that crop format and I also shot video to try my hand at creating some cinemagraphs (moving still images.) I got my inspiration via the From Me to You website and also the photos located at My Cinemagraph. I also love the If We Don’t Remember site where someone has taken scenes from classic movies and created cinemagraphs.

Here are a few that I created on Saturday.


The process of creating a cinemagraph is to shoot in video and then process the video in Photoshop with an alpha layer mask to display the motion. Here is the tutorial I used.

This shot was taken at the metro on the way home after the photowalk.

cinegraph-metro.gifI shot over 20 different videos but after reviewing the results, I found that most of them would not make good cinemagraphs since there was too much motion. The ones that were the most successful worked because I was able to pull in just a small element that you can apply motion to. It is also easier if you can isolate that element so that other moving objects don’t move in front of it. That makes the masking much easier. Since this was my first try at this technique, I now know what to look for when I try this again.

cinegraph-ww2fountain.gifThese are my first crude attempts at creating these, but they are fun to make and I plan on doing more in the future.

I will post my still images in another entry.



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